Cute heart-shaped Valentine tags

I have loved hearts since I was a little girl, I would practice drawing them and often added them to letters I wrote to people I loved, back before cell phones and texting. I am still drawn to anything heart-shaped, to me it is the sweetest symbol of affection and always brings a smile to my face. These printable gift tags are a perfect embellishment for your Valentine’s gift or tied to a goodie bag.

You are my true north Chalkboard

This printable quote was inspired by one of my all time favorite Nicolas Sparks movies, I’m a die-hard romantic so excuse my being mushy plus this is the first movie that my love and I saw together, on Valentines day nonetheless, anyways the movie is Message in a bottle, if you haven’t seen it and you like these types of movies I highly recommend it.

Printable wedding sign

I love creating printables, they are not only convenient but a very affordable way to add art to your event or home as well as other crafty options you can come up with. The rustic feel of this chalkboard wedding sign adds an additional element of charm to your wedding day also perfect as a bridal shower gift.